DragonBone Released

I should not promise things before I can deliver them. I underestimated the time it would take to finish the program and the animator to go along with it. But it was worth the wait, and now DragonBone has been finished, uploaded to Codeplex, and awaiting your download at http://dragonbone.codeplex.com/.

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DragonBone Release

Our 2D skeleton based animator DragonBone is upon the doorstep of completion, and should be released later this week for anyone to use.

DragonBone is a free animator that allows you to easily create an unlimited number of animation using one set of texture by a simple skeletal animation design. Users can then export the animation and use it for their own projects. More information on DragonBone can be found at http://dragonbone.codeplex.com.

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Belated New Years Present

Finally I will be able to share some information with you.

First up on our plate is some information on our DragonBone project. You should now see a new tab at the top of our sight that will take you to a page that describes DragonBone. Now from there and here you will be able to access a link to take you to our new page on Codeplex. Here at http://www.dragonbone.codeplex.com/ you will be able to find the aproximate release date for DragonBone, and when it will be available to the programming and artist communities. There is not much there yet, but as we get closer to its release we should start to see some new information, including some screen shots.

My other piece of information is that we have now hired our artist, completing our 4 man programming team. What this means for you is that soon you should start seeing some pretty art for our studio up soon to replace the boring generic art, like the pic of a forest that has nothing to do with our studio on the top of our site.

That reminds me of my final present for you. The first piece of concept art created for our at this point un-named and super secret project. I hope you have fun feasting your eyes, and trying to imagine what this picture means the final game will be like. Clicky for full sized image.

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Wait for it…

Sorry guys, just a little longer, got to put some things together, but everything should become clear tomorrow.

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Finally a New Update

Our studio has been very busy lately, and I’ve barely found time to update this blog, but now I do have a little time to tell you that I will be spending a little time to tell you something.

Yeah, that might sound complicated, but tomorrow I should be able to tell you a few things and shoot you a link.

Check back tomorrow for more info.

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Still Hiring an Artist

I just wanted to put it out there that we are still hiring, so if you are an artist, its not too late!

Head right over to the ‘Jobs’ page for more information.

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With the end of Christmas also comes the end of my most beloved holiday of the season: Christmahanuquanzikkah. Weather you celebrate Christmas, Hanukkah, or Quanza, everyone celebrates Christmahanuquanzikkah. And sadly now it is over until the first day of Hanukkah next year.

Well I hope everyone reading this had a Merry One!


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