App Hub Problems

Boy oh boy, ever since they turned the XNA website into the so-called ‘App Hub’ all I have been having is loads and loads of problems. Most of them have to do with my account. First it wouldn’t let me edit it, and now I am having problems with my premium membership. I am even having problems deploying onto our 360!

Hopefully those will be fixed soon, but in the mean time I will be upgrading this blog to hopefully become a full fledged placeholder website until we put the time together to pay for a domain of our own.

More news to come after I finish up with upgrading the site.

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2 Responses to App Hub Problems

  1. Mod Monkeys says:

    Yup the so-called App Hub is pretty buggy right now. Now sure what Microsoft is doing at the moment, but I hope and believe they will fix one issue after another.

    The main point in my opinion is to get the marketplace up and running, and I hope they will improve the performance of the Zune app pretty soon. At the moment everything is like iTunes but slower, uglier and clumpier.

    • dragonswordsstudios says:

      What do you mean by Zune being slow and ugly? I personally find it to work fine, and it has the main feature that itunes doesn’t have: extremely cheep music.

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