DSS Hirings Update

The number of applicants has now fallen down to the final two. I will be looking into both of them and soon a decision will be made. At which time the new member of our studio will be announced on this page (or anomalously if he chooses so).

Sadly the App Hub website was not the best place to place advertisements for an artist and we have not received any applications for the artist role from that source so I will be putting an ad up on the GameArtist website. I will post a link once the advertisement is up.

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2 Responses to DSS Hirings Update

  1. Ray Smith says:

    I saw your post on the msdn forum and I would like a little more info. I just started with C#, but I have used other languages so I’m picking it up pretty good.

  2. dragonswordsstudios says:

    I am sorry, but I meant to imply in our last post that we are no longer searching for new programmers for our studio. I hope you have better luck with other studios.

    Good luck learning C#, if you ever want any advice, I’ll be glad to help you.

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