Sick Again

Twas the day before Christmas, and there was Caleb at his computer in a room decorated with empty cough drop wrappers, and bountiful droves of tissues. Yes I am sick again, and this time its all in my throat, so I’m coughing everywhere, which just makes my throat hurt more. Looking at the back of the cough drop container to see how many calories there are in them, it seems like I’ve ingested a whole BK whopper full of cough drops… Though I must say they are amazing cough drops, best I’ve ever used in my life and I would recommend them to anybody: The ones I have are the mint flavored soothing action

And to add to my misery, iTunes decided to shut down my account for no reason, and it wont open up until I reset my password. To reset ones password one must either confirm via email or answer a security question that you set up before. The email on my iTunes account happens to be an email I no longer have so that wont work, and I don’t remember the answer to my security question. In other words: I’m screwed. Hopefully Apple can reset it for me and send the reset password to one of my current email addresses.

The advertisement for our studio on the GameArtist forums is now up:

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Sickness and Happyness

If your wondering why I have not been updating recently it is because I have been going through the amazing voyage of a snot filled nose and an extremely course throat.

The good news is our studio now has a new member! With our new programmer on the case our super secret project will be done in half the time. Also, an advertisement looking for an artist to join our studio has finally been put up on The thread has not yet appeared, so I believe that it needs to go through the administration first so they can check for naughty comments. When the thread appears I will post a link.

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DSS Hirings Update

The number of applicants has now fallen down to the final two. I will be looking into both of them and soon a decision will be made. At which time the new member of our studio will be announced on this page (or anomalously if he chooses so).

Sadly the App Hub website was not the best place to place advertisements for an artist and we have not received any applications for the artist role from that source so I will be putting an ad up on the GameArtist website. I will post a link once the advertisement is up.

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DragonBone Animation Software

There are many tools to help developers create games with XNA. For instance there is Farseer Physics, a free open sourced 2D physics engine, and Gleed2D, a free 2D non-grid level designer. But out of all of these tools I have not been able to find a single tool that helps developers create skeletal animations.

That is why here at DragonSwords Studios we are developing a program named DragonBone. DragonBone will allow developers to create 2D skeletal (also known as bone) animations. We are developing it for ourselves for our new project, but we will be releasing it for public use once it is complete.

It is a simple program, but there is no reason to make every developer recreate it when one developer can make it available to everyone.

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Comment Problems

I apologize if any of your comments are not showing up. I am trying to edit this, but currently any comments need to be approved by me before they show up, and my over-jubilant spam filter seems to gobble all the comments up before I can approve them. Then it deletes the messages before I can mark them as non-spam.

So if I have been ignoring your comments please realize that they were probably unintentionally discarded. Please attempt to post them again, as now I’m watching my spam filter with a hawks eye.

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New help wanted ads up

New help wanted ads are up on the App Hub, and are soon to be up in other places as well.

Find the ads here: and

Sorry that you are going to have to copy and paste them into your browser. I currently can’t figure out how to create links. There is a button to insert links, but it it grayed out and unpressable. If anyone knows how to create links here at wordpress write a comment down here on how to or email me.

More links to be up soon.

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Finally Some Progress

I apologize for the delay in postings, but we have been rearranging furniture and were temporarily disconnected from the internet.

Anyway, it seems like the horrible problems following student accounts are slowly alleviating. At least the major problem for me has finally been fixed, and we can finally debug our game on XBox 360. Though some errors have not changed, they are all extremely minor compared with what they just fixed.

Production on our project has ramped back up to full speed.

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